The Foundation for Belmont Education Cycle 2 – Learning Excellence Grants

CYCLE 2 – Learning Excellence Grants
Approved March 30, 2017
Applicant Target School Award Title Grant Purpose Amount

Colleen Cox Burbank School LEGO Storytelling
Kits to purchase Lego Storystarter kits to motivate reluctant writers to create and write their own stories and to be used as an alternative assessment tool when appropriate
Colleen Foley System-Wide Authentic
Resources and Assessment Through Modes of Communication in the Foreign       Language Classroom to provide professional development regarding the use of authentic resources in foreign language instruction and assessment through the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretative, and presentational

Kathyrn McLeod Belmont High School 3D Printer for Belmont High School to fund the purchase of an NVBots 3D printer to use in numerous classes across multiple departments at Belmont High School

Monica Frender Chenery Middle School Health and Wellness Technology – iPad Cart to purchase an iPad cart for safe storage and transport of iPads/tablets that will be used to enhance and improve the health curriculum for students

Deborah McDevitt Chenery Middle School Chromebooks and Cart for Grade 6 Social Studies to provide up to 30 Chromebooks and a storage cart for 6th grade social studies students to practice their  research skills and create products for authentic assessments that demonstrate their progression towards mastery of content and skills

Dan Richards Belmont High School Project Zero Perspectives: Making, Innovating, Learning Conference to fund the registration of four Belmont High School faculty members to attend the ‘Project Zero: Making — Innovating — Learning’ Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nichole Bukowski Belmont High School Yoga 4 Classrooms Implementation Leader Training to train a cohort leadership team of Belmont High School staff members to receive, plan, and implement the Yoga 4 Classrooms Program at BHS

Margot Reavey Chenery Middle School Chenery Auditorium Stage Portable Speaker System to implement a portable speaker system for the Chenery Auditorium Stage Rehearsal Space to allow effective presentation of educational materials from devices already routinely used in orchestra rehearsals

Janet Carey Winn Brook School Reflections and Connections to purchase teaching materials which reflect students’ cultural background, ethnicity, and identity


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