BHS Homework Free Weekend (1/27-1/29)

BHS Homework Free Weekends

The intent of BHS home workfree weekends is to be a small gesture and
acknowledgement of the stress placed on everyone. It is not meant to be a cure for the
problem, but merely a small attempt to reduce the stress level at Belmont High School
and to start a greater conversation.
* November 4th – 6th
* January 27th – January29th
* March 31st April – 2nd

Please help make our homeworkfree weekends a success. By planning around
these dates in advance, we can make certain that students have the option of a truly school work free weekend.

You can help by …
1. ensuring that long term
assignments are not due the
following week
2. avoiding an increase in
student workloads the prior week
3. not assigning any
schoolwork over the weekend
4. not scheduling tests and
quizzes for the day after the

Thank you!

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