Belmont High School – FBE’s Learning Excellence Grant Awards, Cycle 1

Congratulations! The Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE) is pleased to announce and summarize the awards granted to date for Cycle 1 of the 2016-2017 academic year. We are grateful for both the continued interest of teachers and administrators in the Learning Excellence Grants Program, and for the great care taken in the preparation of applications for these awards. In this first cycle, 15 Learning Excellence grants, totaling $43,962 has been awarded.  Below are the Belmont High School grants:

Julie Kim

Motivating and Engaging Students through Dissections in Biology Class – to purchase equipment that will allow hands-on dissections of different animals so as to increase student motivation and engagement in all biology classes, $485

Mark Abruzzese

Data Acquisition Expansion for High School Science – to purchase data collection equipment to further High School students’ ability to design and carry out authentic scientific experiments, $9,873

Kristin Comment

Facilitating Difficult Conversations – to fund an EDCO consultant who will train BHS faculty in how to facilitate difficult conversations about race, ethnicity, and other differences in the classroom so that they can help students to process new ideas and experiences in Diversity Programming, $1,920

Paul Ketchen

Marching Band, Battery Percussion Instruments and Carriers – to replace the current failing inventory of marching percussion instruments in order to enhance instruction, performance, and overall experience of all students in the Belmont Marching Band, $5,042

Ezra Flam

Diversity Programming: Interactive Workshop Assemblies with Urban Improv – to fund two Urban Improv workshops to engage BHS student in sensitive and productive conversations about race and identity, $3,000


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